BloggingWhy do we blog?

We want to share information and knowledge. We want to initiate discussions. We want to make a stand.

Whatever it is, blogging is about selling. The currency of that sell may be tangible and/or intangible. But we are still selling. We sell the information we have, the knowledge we possess, the values we hold true. But successful bloggers have a purpose. Whichever of these (or anything else) it might be.

I started blogging back in February 2006. I wanted to write about my random events of my life – travels, movies, sports, life at ISB. But it was just that. Random.

Waiting for dawnSince I started working in the area of marketing analytics I have been reading a lot of great (and not so good) stuff. I have been making mental and physical notes of those. Some of which have been useful at work. Then there’s so much happening on the internet today that is so very exciting from a marketing perspective. Changing age old views, opening new channels, adapting existing protocols.

This is where I have decided to make those notes from now on. It will not only help me think better but also, and more importantly, help me learn from others who visit this blog. And it is not going to be all about marketing.

So I am back at blogging. But this time I hope I am doing it right.

[image: Flickr/Annie Mole]