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How iPads are Made [Video]

This is a rare video on the inner workings of the Foxconn factory where iPads are assembled. This doesn’t in the least look like the horror place that reports suggest. This is possibly how any factory would be like. But then in China everything is censored. So this could also be the edited version meant for mass consumption.

Will Delicious have a New Future?

Delicious is finally out of Yahoo! and with the YouTube founders. Hopefully it will now not languish as it had been for the past couple of years. But the question remains if there is a future for Delicious in its current form? Most people are inclined to share interesting links on Twitter and Facebook both of which has the advantage of immediacy. Delicious might just be used as a personal reference source (as I do) rather than with the objective of social sharing.

How Engaged Is Traffic from Social Sites? Not so much yet.

Can Delicious Solve Our Information Discovery Problem? The best part right now is that Delicious has a future. Which clearly wasn’t there within Yahoo!

PepsiCo introduces Social Vending System technology - Social is manifesting in physical objects.

Why Search Is the Worst Form of Advertising - ”The checkout person does not persuade the shopper to buy Coke instead of Pepsi, and neither do text ads.”

The Lies Social Networks Keep Telling Themselves - Algorithmically resolving real world social ties is still a problem that needs to be solved.

Why Did PayPal Buy Fig Card? Find Out - Mobile payments is going to be one of the most hard fought battles in the near future. Expect more.

Opportunities for Facebook’s Next Billion-Dollar Business(es) - There are some ad products, but deals may be the most promising. Facebook could easily make a self-serve platform for sellers. The huge user base and social connections will make it attractive even without the use of a local sales force.

Is Facebook Charging for the Wrong Things in Bid for Dollars? They will figure this out. Probably just waiting to ensure there is no privacy/spam backlash when ads start appearing in the news feed.

[image: Flickr/SMJJP]

All About Smartphones Tracking your Location

All smartphone providers are tracking user location.It seems iPhone, Android and now Windows Phone, all track the user’s location and send it back to their makers. This is something that was discovered just last week. (Pretty quick that.) And the inevitable privacy concerns are being raised already. But I feel it is not such a bad thing if it leads to a overall better experience and more personalized services.

Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Androids Send Cellphone Location - Sends to Apple and Google obviously. But I think this is really nothing to freak out about unless personally identifiable information is being collected. This would only lead to better and more personalized services in the future. The Really Smart Phone - And here is the research going on to harness that opportunity.

Privacy Please! U.S. Smartphone App Users Concerned with Privacy When it Comes to Location - This is where the concerns might be coming from.

Amazon’s tablet is coming, but what will it be? Thoughts on what an Amazon tablet might hold for consumers.

In ‘Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,’ product placement king Norm Marshall explains how it’s done - An inside look into the world of product placements in movies.

Why Xbox Kinect could be – but won’t be – the future of TV - A remote less experience is something that would be very welcome indeed.

The AWS Outage: The Cloud’s Shining Moment - How there are ways to ensure 100% (almost) uptime for cloud applications by designing for failure.

How to Get a Real Education at College - Scott Adams on how to cut out the flab and get a real education at college and elsewhere.

Augmented Reality Comes Closer to Reality - The convergence between the physical and the virtual world as it ought to happen.

Facebook Deals Launches Tonight & Groupon Doesn’t Stand a Chance - If Facebook can get the execution correct and do the things they can do, then Groupon might just regret rejecting that $6 billion offer from Google.

[image: Flickr/ssoosay]

Nokia Finalizes Microsoft Deal Amidst Layoffs

Nokia and Microsoft has finally closed their deal and now hopefully there will be a Windows Phone powered Nokia hardware by early next year. But the news was also accompanied with the laying off of 4000 Nokia employees and the transfer of Symbian maintenance/dev to Accenture (along with 3000 employees).

Stop Using NPS (Net Promoter Score) But Please Save the Question! The futility of using NPS due to lack of statistical and cultural sensitivities.

So What Comes After Social Commerce? This is how social networks will evolve, from social graphs to interest graphs.

The NYT Paywall Is Working — It’s Keeping People Out - So the paywall seems to be working like a wall. But the data is still limited and a decrease in visits/page views doesn’t always correlate to reduced revenues.

Mass Customization Is (Finally) The Future Of Products - A mass customization framework from Forrester. But I wonder what would be the effect on cost for large products like cars? But probably the customization will be limited to small scale parts making it viable. Why Large-Scale Product Customization Is Finally Viable for Business - Associated post on Mashable.

New Google Analytics Has Rolled Out to All Users - And hence it has become a little more difficult to use.

Exclusive: Microsoft’s Lees and Nokia’s Oistamo Talk About Their Just-Signed Contract - The deal is now officially in place. I have always loved Nokia hardware and I may now be able to own a better one next year.

Video: Google Offers Rare Glimpse Into its Data Centers - A rare inside tour of a Google data center. Maybe Facebook’s Open Compute project has something to do with it.

We’re In The Middle Of A Terrible Blubble! Nice details about what was really happening back in 99-00 and why it is not the same today. Which means we are not in the middle of another bubble. Yet.

Bing Slowly Eating Google’s Pie

The Bing-Google battle

Bing (and Yahoo! powered by Bing) is slowly encroaching into Google’s search market share in the US. While worldwide this is still a rout, it is interesting that people are actually making the switch. Meanwhile Facebook raised false alarms of a Baidu partnership in China amidst fighting another lawsuit by a convicted scamster.

The Economics of Attention: Why There Are No Second Chances on the Internet - Success in the app world today will be determined by their focus, market timing and the art of getting it right right-away.

The Rise of the “Second Internet” and What It Means - Interesting piece on the present internet as a second wave.

Google’s social strategy - Entrepreneur and angel investor Chris Dixon weighs in on Google’s social strategy and options.

Facebook Strikes China Deal With Baidu - Facebook is getting ready to invade China with Baidu’s help. Update: Seems the story may not be true, yet. Facebook has not signed China deal: source

The New Information Age - The future of the web is data.

Microsoft Bing Controls 30% Of Search Market, Google Slowly Sinking - Though still pretty safe, Google is starting to get Binged. This is why Microsoft is dumping so much money here. They want to challenge Google’s primary revenue stream just as Google did with Docs.

Posting Strategies that Encourage Engagement on Facebook - How to time your Facebook posts for maximum engagement. And avoid weekends please.

Retail Continues to Lead in Online Ad Spending – I think this is primarily because it is much easy for retail to put a ROI number to their investments.

Abrupt turn as FB battles suit - Facebook heads to the courts. Again. But this time they are being taken there by a convicted scamster.

Saying Apple Will Never Do Something: Always Dangerous - Someone please go ahead and predict that iOS would never be open source, or Apple will never relinquish control of the App Store. Yeah, these could test this idea.

Three Recommendations for the Next Generation of Advertising - Some ideas to make advertising more effective.

Google Bonuses Now Tied to What They Have Failed at Most Often

Googlers' bonuses now tied to what they have failed at most oftenThe top news of last week is the memo sent out by new CEO Larry Page to all Google employees that connect their bonuses to Google’s success in social efforts.Which, given its track record, may not bear returns. And this applies to all those who are not even involved in the social efforts directly. I believe this is a very ‘unsocial’ way of forcing social thinking into people and is more likely to increase attrition. Google should, as they are doing rightly, concentrate on YouTube for their social efforts. That is their best bet.

Malcolm Gladwell: Social Media Still Not a Big Deal - Well, of course he is not going to accept he is wrong. But fact is he is. The interview clearly shows he is just wants to be a contrarian.

Google to Revamp YouTube With ‘Channels’ - Google is hard at work to make YouTube a money machine proportionate to the number of visitors to the site. They might be on the way to introducing channels with original content. Meanwhile YouTube is going LIVE - Google seems to be finally working out a profitable content strategy.

Google Quietly Preparing Chrome OS for Tablets - It would seem that Google is doing all these things just because they can do it and not without any concrete business plan in head. Android is still not even playing catch up in tablets, and now another from Google. Confuse customers, developers and manufacturers – thats all that can be achieved with this.

Google: Larry Page Ties ALL Employee Bonuses To Social Strategy’s Success (Or Failure!)This is a very “unsocial” way of doing social! Here’s The Memo Telling ALL Google Employees Their 2011 Pay Depends On Google Sucking Less At Social And by the way, Dear Google: You Can’t Threaten People Into Being Social

Facebook Open Sources Its Servers and Data Centers - This is a move to commoditize what Google counts on as a competitive advantage. Facebook’s Open Compute Project Means Infrastructure is Now a Commodity and Facebook Trumped Google Today — And Embarrassed A Lot Of Other Companies, Too

The Unlit Social Graph - If anyone but Facebook can solve this problem of multiple social graphs, the future may be made up of a lot less of Facebook.

[image/Flickr: search-engine-land]

LinkedIn Spreads its Wings – The professional graph is here

LinkedIn has opened up its platform to spread the professional web.This April Google made a prank that didn’t quite succeed. It is no longer a joke! Also, LinkedIn launches its platform to spread the professional graph around the web. This could make the time to 200 million much shorter for LinkedIn. Meanwhile online ad dollars are still disproportionate to time spent. And no, TV is not the culprit, it is print.

TV Ad Spending Largely Unaffected by Growth OnlineWhile online ad spending will continue to rise, it will not be at the expense of TV, which continues to hold its share. For print, however, it is a different story.

Thanks to Kinect, Google’s Gmail Motion Joke Becomes RealityHow ironical a Google joke comes true with help from a Microsoft product!

Google Bids $900 Million for 6,000 Telecommunications PatentsGoogle wants to defend itself against patent infringement lawsuits by buying a lot of patents.

How the Pros Measure Social Media Marketing SuccessInsights into social media marketing from practitioners.

Ad Dollars Still Not Following Online and Mobile UsageGood data showing where the marketing dollars are being wasted with respect to the time spent.

Near Field Communication: 6 Ways It Could Change Our Daily LivesHere’s what NFC can do to make life easier. And since it doesn’t do much yet, the possibilities are quite endless.

When Is a Tech Company Dead? Yeah, when? Maybe when innovation outside the domain they are known for stops even though the bread and butter is still alive and kicking.

Future of social networks: Will Facebook remain the one network to rule them all? – It is that ‘social signal’ beast again!

Rhetoric isn’t a bad thing—16 Rhetorical Devices Regularly Used by Steve JobsJust in case you want to try to become like Steve Jobs on the stage.

The New LinkedIn Platform: Help Build the Professional WebLinkedIn takes the platform leap. Now expect LinkedIn plugins, widgets and buttons around the web.

Is Android Fragmentation Finally Over?

Fragmentation of the Android platform could be a thing of the past.The big news is Google +1, but I have a full post dedicated to it. Of the rest Google is still the news maker with them tightening the noose around Android development. May be finally the worry about having the latest version will rest-in-peace. The fragmentation of the platform is still a pain for the early adopters (pure in my opinion). Which is why I have never been able to convince myself to grab an Android phone.

Free Your Pockets - Android already has NFC. So it makes sense for Google to explain it. Especially since iOS doesn’t have it yet.

Java Inventor Joins Other Founding Fathers at Google - The weapon to ward off Oracle’s Java suits against Android?

Pricing Problems and The New York Times Digital Subscription - The power of (simplified) pricing as a customer experience tool and the confusion of the New York Times paywall.

Gmail To Roll Out Ads That Learn From Your Inbox - Gmail will soon feature new ads using email consumption patterns as signals. This goes beyond the simple keyword matching that goes on right now meaning the ads could gain some relevance. But expect a mini privacy backlash till it dies down.

Google’s Answer to Facebook Likes: +1 – Google has launched its newest foray into social. But the familiar questions remain: Google Wants You to +1, But Why Would You? and Sure, I Could Join a Google-Based Social Network — But Why?

And here are my thought on Google +1 - Has the button come before the graph?

Google Tightens Its Grip On Android, Infuriating Partners - Google has finally realized that fragmentation and inconsistency is really plaguing Android, despite the sales numbers. Facebook’s Secret Phone Is Using Android “For Sure” - And this may be a strong reason.

Firefox 5: Social Sharing, Home Tab, PDF Viewer, Web Apps - A roundup of what to expect in Firefox 5.

[image/Flickr: osde8info]

Color Steals the Limelight and Google has a Scare

The next dimension of the social network is here. The whole of tech world seemed to be discussing about Color, its massive funding and contemplating whether it marks the beginning of a new bubble. It really is interesting what Color is doing. As Fred Wilson writes it is building an implicit social network. In a sense anyone in your close physical proximity on a regular basis at the same places are most likely part of your social network. For example, your colleagues at work. Think about it this could be really awesome – going beyond the select-your-social-graph ala Facebook. And they aught to wake up to this soon.

Apple Sues, Seeks Order to Stop Use of ‘App Store’ Trademark - Microsoft has already challenged the award of trademark for ‘App Store’, and now this. It really seems ridiculous how such a generic term can be trademarked.

Search + Facebook = Can be the real Google Killer!!Take A Deep Breath Google, Facebook Isn’t Doing Search Just Yet - While some contemplate how Facebook might do search, a malware puts a web search bar on Facebook. Google would have been mighty scared there. But no need to worry yet. But I am sure it is going to come soon.

Why Color Matters: Augmented Reality And Nuanced Social Graphs May Finally May Come of AgeA VC: The Implicit Social Graph - This week seems to be all about Color, a new social photo sharing app. But with a big location twist. John Battelle is clearly gung-ho, and some others are as well considering the $41 mil funding. Color, A Twitter For Photo And Video, Launches With $41 Million - The CEO explains why the number is justified by the tech. Color CEO: The Tech Justifies the $41 Million - And here’s what Color does, in case you are wondering.

Why Internet Explorer will survive and FireFox won’t - A perspective on why IE and Chrome will rule the browser market while FireFox will become a niche player.

Amazon Tablets: How Amazon Could Quietly Become A Huge Player - They are not at it yet. As the article suggests they have all the necessary pieces in place to make a quick headway into the market.

Pepsi Innovates with Social Media Metrics - Interview with Pepsico Beverages America Head of Digital. A must read if you want insights into how a big CPG company is using digital in its consumer connect arsenal.

Motorola Mobility Building Web-Based OS - How many more mobile OSes do we need? By last count we have iOS, Android for phones, Android for tablets, WP7, WebOs, RIM, Symbian (yet), Bada, Chrome OS.

Facebook Test Mines Real-Time Conversations for Ad Targeting - Facebook is testing a new ad serving algorithm to target ads based on real time updates. It has the potential to improve the relevancy of ads, but questions remain on whether the user will actually observe those ads.

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Patenting Social Search and Could Apple be Playing Foul with Web Apps

Facebook has patented what looks like the concept of social search. Though it is not their original idea (it came to them as part of the Friendster acquisition) it will be interesting to see if they make a foray into the field. Meanwhile they acquired feature phone app maker Snaptu, an Israeli startup. It could mean reaching the millions of non-smartphone users and an grass roots expansion in the developing economies.

Apple handcuffs ‘open’ web apps on iPhone home screen - Hmm..could it be possible that Apple is doing this on purpose? If proved wouldn’t it amount to antitrust?

Facebook Patents Social Search (Courtsey Of Friendster) – Really a Friendster patent, but social search nonetheless. Facebook has access to the biggest social graph that is there, and they could leverage it to deliver a completely new search experience.

The Future of Social Search - While we are at it, here’s some more fodder on social search.

Can India lead the mobile-Internet revolution? McKinsey thinks, “India could become the world’s first truly mobile digital society. But grasping the opportunity requires unprecedented cooperation between the private and public sectors.” (How this article is under Marketing I have no idea though.)

Movie to be Released Simultaneously on BitTorrent and DVD - What’s going to stop someone from ripping the DVD and publishing a new torrent? But this is a new thing – an official torrent.

Windows 8: everything you need to know - What to expect in the new Windows. But I believe it will be much more than a mere evolution of Win7. Simply because Microsoft needs a weapon against the iPad. And it is already late.

On the Path to 1 Billion Users: Facebook’s Feature Phone Strategy - I personally use Snaptu and think it is a super useful app. Having Facebook, Twitter, Cricinfo, Football scores and news in the same place is pretty useful without having to open up new tabs. And the functionality within the app is also pretty impressive. But the question is whether with this acquisition  Snaptu will become a feature phone Facebook or will it continue to serve up Twitter?

A Report Card on Web 2 and the App Economy - A good summary of the state of the web and the app economy today.

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