Facebook Expands to Movie Rentals and Payments

4968647359_3073e24915_mFacebook is now the new competitor for Netflix, Hulu and the likes. So who is betting on ‘The Social Network’ available on Facebook?! And they are also the platform for selling limited edition ketchups. That is just a start before moving to other areas.

Microsoft Seeding Windows Phone 7 On Nokia With A Billion Dollars Up Front – Well, a billion reasons for Nokia to partner with Microsoft it would seem. If Nokia still continues it’s downward slide, MS might just buy them out.

Facebook Begins Movie Rentals With Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. to Rent Movies Digitally on Facebook, Starting With ‘Dark Knight’ – More evidence that Facebook is expanding its reach. This would slowly turn a lot of stand-alone services practically redundant.

Ford Blends Digital with Branded Content – An insider look at Ford’s, now famous, digital marketing strategy and campaigns.

TED’s 10 Advertising Contest Finalists [VIDEO] – Not regular ads, TED contest finalists, so slightly long. That Intel ad is truly mind blowing. The concept and the execution – superb.

Bing Adding Instant Search, But It Might Not Work In All Browsers – We don’t need any more gimmicky UI tweaks. A better, integrated search experience is what is needed. Help us make the right click. That will be more than enough. (And these points are valid for Google as well.)

I Just Bought a Bottle of Ketchup on Facebook – The next frontier for Facebook is here. This is exactly how it will progress till we have not much need to leave Facebook, or whoever replaces them.

Is McKinsey & Co. the Root of All Evil ? Well, well. Read on to find why consultants are paid big bucks.

So Microsoft Gets A Tablet Out In Two Years — Then What? Late to the party again. Third time lucky will Microsoft be?

[image/Flickr: Andrew Baron]

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