Google Bonuses Now Tied to What They Have Failed at Most Often

Googlers' bonuses now tied to what they have failed at most oftenThe top news of last week is the memo sent out by new CEO Larry Page to all Google employees that connect their bonuses to Google’s success in social efforts.Which, given its track record, may not bear returns. And this applies to all those who are not even involved in the social efforts directly. I believe this is a very ‘unsocial’ way of forcing social thinking into people and is more likely to increase attrition. Google should, as they are doing rightly, concentrate on YouTube for their social efforts. That is their best bet.

Malcolm Gladwell: Social Media Still Not a Big Deal – Well, of course he is not going to accept he is wrong. But fact is he is. The interview clearly shows he is just wants to be a contrarian.

Google to Revamp YouTube With ‘Channels’ – Google is hard at work to make YouTube a money machine proportionate to the number of visitors to the site. They might be on the way to introducing channels with original content. Meanwhile YouTube is going LIVE – Google seems to be finally working out a profitable content strategy.

Google Quietly Preparing Chrome OS for Tablets – It would seem that Google is doing all these things just because they can do it and not without any concrete business plan in head. Android is still not even playing catch up in tablets, and now another from Google. Confuse customers, developers and manufacturers – thats all that can be achieved with this.

Google: Larry Page Ties ALL Employee Bonuses To Social Strategy’s Success (Or Failure!)This is a very “unsocial” way of doing social! Here’s The Memo Telling ALL Google Employees Their 2011 Pay Depends On Google Sucking Less At Social And by the way, Dear Google: You Can’t Threaten People Into Being Social

Facebook Open Sources Its Servers and Data Centers – This is a move to commoditize what Google counts on as a competitive advantage. Facebook’s Open Compute Project Means Infrastructure is Now a Commodity and Facebook Trumped Google Today — And Embarrassed A Lot Of Other Companies, Too

The Unlit Social Graph – If anyone but Facebook can solve this problem of multiple social graphs, the future may be made up of a lot less of Facebook.

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