What Guy Kawasaki Learned about Experts from Steve Jobs

Guy Kawasaki wrote a blog post on what he learned from Steve Jobs during his days at Apple. He lists a dozen learning about experts, customers, design and products. But the one on experts is the true gem. (Yes, there is a smirk on my face!)

Experts are clueless

Experts—journalists, analysts, consultants, bankers, and gurus can’t “do” so they “advise.” They can tell you what is wrong with your product, but they cannot make a great one. They can tell you how to sell something, but they cannot sell it themselves. They can tell you how to create great teams, but they only manage a secretary. For example, the experts told us that the two biggest shortcomings of Macintosh in the mid 1980s was the lack of a daisy-wheel printer driver and Lotus 1-2-3; another advice gem from the experts was to buy Compaq. Hear what experts say, but don’t always listen to them.

(Yes, there is a smirk on my face!)