India to Provide Access to Public and Government Data

India to join the open data revolution in July – India

This portal which has been modeled on, a portal which offers public and government data to the outside world, aims to share non-sensitive data from various Indian ministries for general public use in scientific, economic and developmental programmes.

In November last year I had written a post that called on the Government of India to provide access of official data to the public along with APIs to expose that data to developers willing to create mashups (Open Access Government: via API).

Open access to government data would allow developers to use it to create applications that can then be accessed by us to understand the state of the nation. It could help economists and statisticians predict future trends and understand correlations between seemingly disparate sets of data.

While I am sure no one in the Indian Government actually got the idea from me, it is good to see that something like what I had called for is getting set up. Albeit there might not be any APIs available yet (or ever). At least the data will be out there and will hopefully lead to some interesting insights to what is happening in different departments of the Government.

PS: I am kind of betting there won’t be much about black money there yet.

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  1. Sarvottamkini
    Sarvottamkini at ·

    current status of the rollout?

    1. Suman
      Suman at ·

      I am not sure. I don’t know about the current status. Will try to find out and post an update. Wish it not another of those government initiatives that is only good as a concept.

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