Google has stuff to be worried

The Bing-Google battleBing continues to take micro-points off Google’s search share. Not significant by any stretch, but enough for advertisers to be interested in Bing. And that is what both want anyway. Also, Nokia and Microsoft are rumored to announce a smartphone partnership on Friday. Another Microsoft-Google battlefront that might gain some relevance. No matter what Vic Gundotra might tweet. Now the links.

Has the HAL 9000 Finally Arrived? – Harvard Business Review – This one is for the core technology fans out there.

The post-burn Nokia (that turkey can do some “Angry Bird” damage) — Scobleizer – Both Nokia and Microsoft are late to the smartphone game. But a carefully executed partnership can get both back in the game. Microsoft shed their ego when they realized that their mobile OS needs a complete reboot. It will only be healthy for Nokia to realize that Symbian is not match for iOS or Android or WP7.

What if Facebook Bought Twitter? The Companies Have Talked About It, Report Says – The idea is bad. Period. Twitter is very different from Facebook. It is not even a “social network”. And the only reason Facebook would want to buy it would be to kill it. Because Facebook can easily create a “social information network” within itself that goes beyond telling us whose relationship status changed and who was tagged where. And Google? They wouldn’t know what to do with it. Apart from putting a lot of ads into the stream, that is.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Pens a Scathing Internal Memo About Company’s Challenges – Those are some tough words. No mincing, no munching, straight from the gut. Though there are claims that this is a hoax, a nice one it is.

Watch Super Bowl XLV Ads on Hulu and YouTube – All the ads in one place. Just in case anyone wanted to see them.

Microsoft’s Bing Gains Search Market Share in January – I guess it is that time of the year to plan a few more sting operations. And more so because people are clicking on more Bing (81.54%) search results than they are on Google (65.58%)!

Best Practices for Mobile Retail Strategy – Nothing very new here. Matching your marketing to the customer’s intent is the holy grail.

Social Media Week: The Internet and Uprisings in the Arab World: Are We Already in a Post-Social-Media World? – Debating the importance and influence social media in starting and sustaining public movements.