The History of Social Networks and the Big Kinect Bet

Microsoft has big plans for the Kinect. As well it should. It is the future of man-machine interface.A historical perspective on the origins of social networks (on the internet) and the path to the future. The history dates back to even before most in India knew about the internet. Also Microsoft’s big plans with the super successful Kinect.

The Story of Twitter – Hear from Jack Dorsey how Twitter came out of a podcasting company that no one was interested in.

Who Rules the Web Now? – The internet is increasingly becoming an oligopoly of linked players who will be increasingly interconnected. The only problem with the hypotheses is that it doesn’t take into account possible disruptions in the industry.

Microsoft Has Big Plans for Kinect’s Future – Microsoft is up to something with the Kinect. I hope the potential is not diluted by the bureaucracy of a large company. This is the kind of innovation that Microsoft needs to bring to the market to keep themselves on top of consumers’ minds.

Social Networking: The Past, Social Networking: The Present and Social Networking: The Future – An interesting roundup of the past, present and, possible, future of social networks. It is really surprising to note the beginnings of social networks in the times before many knew about the internet in India.

Thumbs up for Roger Ebert’s new revenue model on Twitter | Poynter. – This is a nice personal way to generate revenue via Twitter. Of course it is easier for Roger Ebert to pull it off, but the key is the personal touch.

What I Want in My New Google – Very interesting thoughts on how search should evolve as a more proactive technology rather than being a reactive heres-your-top-ten-links-thank-you thing.

Steve Jobs Doesn’t Want to Kill Publishers, But Apple’s Subscription Strategy Will – Yet more on the Apple subscription model. I wouldn’t have shared this but for the ideas on how publishers can counter the move and how Apple should act up.

Xbox Kinect Vs. Sony PS3: How 2 Companies Handle Hacking – It is really interesting to note how Microsoft is handling the situation by opening up. Very contrary to themselves. Sony though is just being themselves. I have a feeling Microsoft is betting the future of human -machine interaction on Kinect like devices and hence are getting the developer community all worked up early.

[image/Flickr: WipleyBrainSins]