Mobile Driven In-Store Retailing

Mobile webI recently wrote about an idea for a mobile app that could improve the in-store experience of consumers.

eMarketer seems to agree. Not in so many words as suggesting as similar app, but suggesting that in-store m-commerce could be a potential game changer for retail.

The use of mobile in-store is still limited to actually calling and/or texting a friend or acquaintance to get product feedback. With the proliferation of smartphones, and retailers realizing the in-store potential of mobile, this ‘primitive’ usage would surely shift.

Mobile shopping from in-store is just beginning to achieve its vast potential. The promise for consumers is an interactive and personalized store experience like nothing before. Currently, in- store mobile shoppers can easily retrieve customer product reviews. In the future, they will receive promotions based on their past purchase history and what they are interested in at the moment.

Data on the moveSome of that – the real-time promotions part – I have talked about in my post. And the reasons for retailers to take mobile seriously remain the same. More conversions. More loyalty.

Generation Y consumers, who think of their mobile phone as an extension of themselves, will push development of this market by demanding that retailers offer the interactive experience they expect while shopping in a store.

I do not have paid access to eMarketer. So I haven’t read the report in its entirety. It would be interesting to know how mobile could affect the in-store shopping experience of consumers.

[image: Flickr/Johan Larsson and Wikipedia]