Remember the Marketing Filters

Remember the filters affecting your marketing message

Marketing has changed over the last few years with the advent of social media. Communication between the marketer and the customer is no longer one-way. There is a conversation going on out there. Between the marketer and the customer (existing and potential). Between the existing and potential customers. Between experts and customers.

So the marketing message now has to pass through multiple filters before it actually reaches the customer which the marketer cannot directly control with the message only.

  • Recommendations
    From existing users, review sites, industry leaders.
  • Brand image
    Perception among users on multiple facets such as quality, price, design.
  • Company image
    Perception of executives, social (as in society) actions.
  • History of product quality
    Product recall history, service delivery track record.
  • Response to feedback
    Responsiveness to users’ needs and requests.
  • Service/product comparisons
    Comparison to substitutes and competitors on all above dimensions.

Are you considering these filters yet? It is important to understand how these influence the customers before you try to influence them.

[image: Flickr/Aslakr]