Facebook Expands Instant Personalization; In Talks with Bing

Social Networks

A New Movie Experience, Starring You and Your Friends: Facebook’s instant personalization on Rotten Tomatoes now recommends movies based on what your friends like.


Law firm takes Microsoft to CCI: Anti-competitive practices charges against Microsoft. Nothing new? First time in India!


Bing Overtakes Yahoo! as the #2 U.S. Search Engine: Nielsen reports Bing is now number 2 in US. But comScore’s numbers tell a very different story.

Exclusive: Facebook and Microsoft Deep in Talks About Deepening Search Ties: Facebook and Microsoft are in talks to expand their search relationship. Bing could soon have the possibility of mining anonymous public data collected from the ‘Like’ button implementations.


Online Video Consumption–India Holds the Number 3 Position Worldwide: A Nielsen survey puts India as the third largest consumers of online vides (4th in mobile video consumption).


Seven Significant Trends in Mobile Usage: With the rising use of smart phones the mobile usage patterns of consumers are also changing. Here’s how it is changing.


Why Tylenol Got a Pass and BP Didn’t: A nice article on the HBR blog on how to manage a crisis situation and how to maintain brand equity despite it.


The emerging class in emerging economies – a $6.9 trillion consumer market.

The emerging class in emerging economies – a $6.9 trillion consumer market