Facebook Phone; Contactless Payments; India eCommerce Trends


Facebook doesn’t need a device, this is what they need to do in mobile: Amid rumors of a Facebook phone, Robert Scoble on what Facebook needs to do to improve the mobile experience.

Social Media Working Better for Retention Than Acquisition: An eMarketer report suggests that social media is more useful for retaining customers while acquisition campaigns are yet to pick up.


Indoor Augmented Reality Markers Featured at Intel Developer Forum: Augmented reality taken indoors using special markers to work around the limits of GPS.

iPhone Payments Go Live in New York City Subways, Taxi Cabs: Visa testing contact less payments with smartphones. Credit cards could soon be passé. Now only if the security becomes foolproof beyond lost phones.


Nielsen Report on Top Online Shopping Trends in India: Online shopping trends in India from the Nielsen company. What they intend to buy, how they use various sites, the impact of social media and other factors that come into play when they are trying to decide how to spend their money.

Group Buying Sites: Strategy of the Future or Too Good to Be True? A [email protected] article on the proliferation of Groupon clones in India. It might just be a war of attrition and consolidation.


How The Nielsen Company Uses Idea Management Software to Drive Innovation: How one company at least is successfully capturing ideas from its employees effectively.


Why does anyone bother contributing to Wikipedia? Interesting research on what motivates people to contribute to articles to Wikipedia and to other social networks.