7 Steps to Writing a New Product Point-of-View

As you start work on a new product you may need to create a point-of view document for it. This is really a step before the full fledged business plan and may or may not be required in every organization. But it is a good place to start since you can easily extend it to make the business plan.

New product point of view

Here is what you might want to do:

  1. Start off with snippets of information highlighting the problems your product is trying to solve. Collect real data and spruce it up with appropriate imagery. For example, something like “people spend x% of their work time on social networks to gain knowledge about their work”.
  2. Create a summary slide/table to consolidate those problems.
  3. Highlight “what-if” scenarios to create awareness of the solution that your product will offer. For example, if you are building a enterprise social network you could highlight some thing like “what if your employees could interact with each other to share knowledge, best practices and information”. You get the drift, right.
  4. Introduce the product with its modules/functionality and the relationship between them. (Add a business architecture diagram for those who might want to know about your product in greater detail.)
  5. Add market data about your industry and the size of the addressable market. Revenue projections, costs and other financial details can go in the formal business plan.
  6. Do not forget to add references to the sources from where you got all the information in an appendix slide.
  7. Also add any other relevant information in greater detail in the appendix slides. This is in case you need to mail out the point-of-view to others and you don’t have the opportunity to talk them through it.

[image: Flickr/Richard Moross]