Virtual Assistants in the Travel Industry

Virtual Assistants in the Travel Industry

This is an article I had contributed on the impact and future of virtual assistants in the travel space. It was first published here.

More often than not, the home is the place where all great trips begin. It is the social setting where destinations, accommodations, and activities are selected and planned with a common consensus. However, one thing that almost always accompanies travel planning is indecisiveness. Which flight to book? Which hotel would be better from all these amazing options? The questions just keep piling on, extending the planning process unnecessarily – sometimes even resulting in the ditching of the effort and, eventually, indefinite postponement of the plan.

Technology has been a great enabler in the making of travel itineraries, with lists of countless possibilities available just a click or a tap away, and it comes to the rescue here as well. AI-enabled virtual assistants can act as proficient mediators, not only during the planning of a trip, but also for executing tasks like booking of a flight or a hotel.

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